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Security-Constrained Unit Commitment for Electricity Market: Modeling, Solution Methods, and Future Challenges

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posted on 2022-04-07, 04:07 authored by Yonghong ChenYonghong Chen, Feng Pan, Feng Qiu, Alinson Xavier, Tongxin Zheng, Marwali, Knueven, Guan, Peter LuhPeter Luh, Wu, Bing YanBing Yan, Mikhail BraginMikhail Bragin, Haiwang Zhong, Giacomoni, Baldick, Gisin, Gu, Phibrick, Fangxing (Fran) Li

This paper summarizes the technical activities of the IEEE Task Force on Solving Large Scale Optimization Problems in Electricity Market and Power System Applications. This Task Force was established by the IEEE Technology and Innovation Subcommittee to first review the state-of-the-art of the security-constrained unit commitment (SCUC) business model, its mathematical formulation, and solution techniques in solving electricity market clearing problems. The Task Force then investigated the emerging challenges of future market clearing problems and presented efforts in building benchmark mathematical and business models.


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