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Security Analysis of Critical 5G Interfaces

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posted on 2023-09-01, 19:16 authored by Mohammed MahyoubMohammed Mahyoub, AbdulAziz AbdulGhaffar, Emmanuel Alalade, Ezekiel Ndubisi, Ashraf Matrawy

Interfaces play a crucial role in the Fifth Generation (5G) architecture as they interconnect Network Functions (NFs) to exchange data and services. Certain interfaces are particularly critical because they are involved in the exchange of sensitive data or are exposed externally. To the best of our knowledge, no literature work analyzes the 5G security from a network architecture or interface perspective. Therefore, existing research on 5G security may not be helpful when considering a certain component of the network or a specific interface. This paper reviews the security measures recommended by the selected Standardization Development Organizations (SDOs) for critical interfaces and classifies them based on security goals. It also identifies vulnerabilities and threats to these interfaces in the absence of security measures and categorizes them based on STRIDE model and impacted traffic types.


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