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Security and Privacy Issues in Internet of Things (IoT)

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posted on 2023-06-14, 20:30 authored by Muhammad Akmal Husaini Bin HarisMuhammad Akmal Husaini Bin Haris, Mohammad Izhmin Haiqhal Bin Yahya, Muhamad Nidzam Bin Ibrahim

This project addresses the security and privacy challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT devices are used in many different fields for a broad function including, healthcare, agriculture, and city management. The proliferation of IoT devices creates vulnerabilities that can lead to unauthorized access, insecure communications, and data breaches. Improper authentication and authorization, insecure communication protocols, and inappropriate software updates pose significant risks to IoT devices and networks. Additionally, the collection and processing of sensitive user data without proper consent and lack of privacy-by-design principles compound privacy concerns. . As a result of the analysis from literature reviews this project proposes some solutions to mitigate these issues. In light of these concerns, this project aims to explore and propose effective strategies to address the privacy and consent challenges associated with IoT devices. By examining the existing gaps in data protection, raising awareness among users, and promoting responsible data collection practices, the project strives to create a safer and more privacy-respecting IoT environment.


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