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Smart Metering: A Better Way To Monitor Consumer Electricity Usage

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posted on 2020-04-07, 17:06 authored by Asma KhatoonAsma Khatoon
This paper presents the development and implementation of a low-cost smart meter.
The smart meter is one of the major components of the distribution network. The
proposed low-cost smart meter is compared with already existing smart meters
deployed in the market. The comparison metrics involve cost, security, installation,
and lifetime. In this study, we have presented the market segment and the beachhead
market of the proposed product. The TAM size is calculated for better market
analysis by calculating the overall customer size. A complete proposed process flow
is explained for cost saving comparison, along with a complete market survey. In this
paper, the whole technology and hardware needed for the low-cost smart meter is
explained in detail along with the total cost of testing and installation.


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