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Software Tools and Datasets for Battery Management System Applications

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posted on 2023-01-23, 05:20 authored by Sumukh SuryaSumukh Surya, Mohan Krishna S, Ahilya Chhetri,, SHELDON WILLIAMSON

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) have increasingly come to occupy more space with the changing global energy landscape. One of the most important components of an ESS is the Energy Management System (EMS) or the Battery Management System (BMS). A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) can store a significant amount of energy for long periods of time. The BMS is responsible for the operational safety of the battery modules in the battery pack. The primary responsibility is to safeguard the battery. This is done essentially from the safety aspect as it is very important to ensure cell balancing and End-Of-Life (EOL). Also, since the system temperature has a direct bearing on the power consumption profile, it is imperative for the BMS to regulate the system temperature. The BMS condition monitoring of the battery pack can be summarized as State Of Charge (SOC), State Of Health (SOH), State Of Power (SOP), and State Of Energy (SOE).


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