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Some Analytical Perspectives of Nonlinear Circuits

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posted on 2023-05-12, 14:36 authored by Pragnan ChakravortyPragnan Chakravorty

It is well known from the extant circuit theories that some important nonlinear circuit configurations cannot be modeled analytically. For resistive devices, the crux of this limitation is found to be the existence of non-ohmic resistances. Here, it is argued that the idea of nonlinear devices being always non-ohmic is misconceived and Ohm’s law should rather be applicable to all resistive nonlinear devices and circuits. Based on a recent research on modification of the general diode equation, an interpretation of the Ohm's law is drawn so that it can be applied to nonlinear circuits as well. Additionally, the physics behind the important phenomenon of induced change in resistance, that enables the use of Ohm’s law in semiconducting junction devices, is explained and its inclusion is made in the equations for circuit design and analysis.  


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