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Source Reconstruction with the Electromagnetic Space Kurtosis and Time Kurtosis in the Time-Reversal Technique

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posted on 2021-05-05, 07:02 authored by Xiaoyao FengXiaoyao Feng, ZHIZHANG CHENZHIZHANG CHEN
In our previous study, a concept of electromagnetic kurtosis for time-reversal source reconstruction was presented. From a two-step process, the electromagnetic kurtosis can first identify the excitation time instants then localize the sources locations with time-reversal technique. In this paper, we extend the concept of the electromagnetic kurtosis from two different perspectives. The proposed space kurtosis and time kurtosis in the electromagnetic time-reversal process can directly reconstruct excitation time instants and spatial locations of sources respectively. The newly proposed time kurtosis takes the advantages of time-domain computational electromagnetics methods. Its algorithm with the threshold technique simplifies the procedures of multiple sources localization. Numerical experiments are conducted to verify the effectiveness of the presented algorithm.


China Scholarship Council

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada


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