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Design and Tuning of State Feedback-based Islanding Detection for Distributed Generators

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posted on 2023-08-28, 19:28 authored by Sugoto MaulikSugoto Maulik, Vinod John

This paper presents a method for islanding detection of power-electronic interfaced grid-tied distributed energy resources. A dynamic phasor-based modeling approach is used to synthesize a state-space model of the islanded network. This model leads to the formation of a  generalized framework wherein the application of state feedback is designed to destabilize the islanded network. The proposed method can detect islands within one fundamental cycle of operation with passive loads of unity, lagging, and leading power factors. The detection scheme has a zero Non-detection Zone (NDZ), and detection times are within the  criteria suggested in IEEE Std. 1547-2018. 


DST, India


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