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Static Metasurface Reflectors with Independent Magnitude and Phase Control using Coupled Resonator Configuration

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posted on 2021-10-05, 17:17 authored by Joel S. Demetre, Tom J. Smy, Shulabh GuptaShulabh Gupta
A static metasurface reflector based on a novel coupled resonator configuration is proposed to independently control
the reflection phase and magnitude of linearly polarized incident fields, and is demonstrated experimentally in the millimeter-wave Ka-band around 30 GHz. The proposed concept is illustrated using a unit cell design consisting of a rectangular ring coupled with a rectangular slot resonator backed by a grounded dielectric slab. By geometrically tuning various dimensions of the two resonators, a near-perfect amplitude-phase coverage is achieved at a fixed design frequency of 30 GHz. To demonstrate the flexible beam-forming capability of the proposed metasurface reflectors, illustrative examples of fixed beam steering with varying reflection magnitudes, and asymmetric dual-beam patterns with specified reflection magnitude, reflection angles and beam-widths, are successfully shown. Compared to the standard method based on polarization rotation and resistive loadings with discrete values, the proposed technique does not generate undesired cross-polarization field reflection, and provides a continuous magnitude tuning including full absorption, along with wide phase coverage.


Department of National Defense (DND) of Canada


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