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Streaming Algorithms for Subspace Analysis: an Edge- and Hardware-oriented review

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posted on 2021-05-28, 18:04 authored by Alex MarchioniAlex Marchioni, Luciano Prono, Mauro MangiaMauro Mangia, Fabio PareschiFabio Pareschi, Riccardo Rovatti, Gianluca SettiGianluca Setti
Subspace analysis is a basic tool for coping with high-dimensional data and is becoming a fundamental step in early processing of many signals elaboration tasks. Nowadays trend of collecting huge quantities of usually very redundant data by means of decentralized systems suggests these techniques be deployed as close as possible to the data sources. Regrettably, despite its conceptual simplicity, subspace analysis is ultimately equivalent to eigenspace computation and brings along non-negligible computational and memory requirements. To make this fit into typical systems operating at the edge, specialized streaming algorithms have been recently devised that we here classify and review giving them a coherent description, highlighting features and analogies, and easing comparisons. Implementation of these methods is also tested on a common edge digital hardware platform to estimate not only abstract functional and complexity features, but also more practical running times and memory footprints on which compliance with real-world applications hinges.


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