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Subspace-based AOA estimation in mmWave NR system using power measurement with a single-port antenna array

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posted on 2022-09-13, 18:24 authored by Oleg ShmoninOleg Shmonin, Vitaliy Kuptsov, Sergey Trushkov, Kirill Ponur, Georgij Serebryakov, Hao Wang, Jiankun Zhang, Anatoliy Krivelevich
The paper is dedicated to the multipath angle of arrival (AOA) estimation problem in millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G NR communication system. The case of a phased antenna array with a single digital port is considered. In this scenario, the conventional highly accurate subspace-based algorithms cannot be applied because of hardware restrictions. We proposed a novel subspace-based algorithm called power-based root minimal polynomial method (PR-MPM) that uses the spatial power spectrum to get an approximation of the signal correlation matrix. The power spectrum is measured via the conventional beam sweeping procedure over a finite number of directions. The efficiency of the proposed method is studied using the high-realistic ray-tracing-based channel model applied in mmWave IEEE 802.11ay standard. Simulation results show that AOAs can be precisely estimated using only single-port power measurement.


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