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Supercontinuum generation in 2D graphene oxide film coated SiN waveguides

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posted on 2022-10-10, 19:11 authored by David MossDavid Moss

Enhanced supercontinuum generation (SCG) is experimentally demonstrated in integrated silicon nitride (Si3N4) waveguides incorporating highly nonlinear graphene oxide (GO) in the form of two-dimensional (2D) films. On-chip integration of the 2D GO films with precise control of their thickness is realized by using a transfer-free and layer-by-layer coating method. The control of the film length and coating position is achieved via window opening in the upper silica cladding of the photonic integrated chips. Detailed SCG measurements are performed using the fabricated devices with different waveguide geometries and GO film thicknesses, and the results are compared with devices without GO. Significantly improved spectral broadening of ultrashort optical pulses with ultrahigh peaks powers exceeding 1000 W is observed for the hybrid devices, achieving up to 2.4 times improvement in the spectral bandwidth relative to devices without GO. Theoretical analyses for the influence of GO film thickness, coating length, coating position, and waveguide geometry are also provided by fitting the experimental results with theory, showing that there is still significant room for further improvement. This work opens up a promising new avenue towards improving the SCG performance of photonic integrated devices by incorporating functional 2D materials.


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