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Symmetric Channel Hopping algorithm for a Cognitive Radio Network in Asynchronous environment

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posted on 2021-08-06, 02:17 authored by Arunanshu MahapatroArunanshu Mahapatro, sangeeta Sa
Rendezvous is a critical step in Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) prior to transmission for establishing communication links between secondary users (SUs). Due to the long-term blocking, channel saturation, and scalability issues encountered by dedicated common control channels (CCC) in a distributed CRN, rendezvous is preferable on the available idle channels of the primary users (PUs). In fact, each SU is unaware of the other SUs’ available channel sets, and the blind rendezvous is performed through the channel hopping (CH) process. As a result, ensuring a rendezvous between two SUs in a finite period in an asynchronous environment remains a challenging problem. In this work, a disjoint difference set based CH (DDSCH) method is developed that ensures the highest degree of rendezvous in comparatively less time.


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