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Temporal interfaces and metamaterial response enabled by boundaries

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posted on 2021-05-14, 13:38 authored by Luca StefaniniLuca Stefanini, Davide RamacciaDavide Ramaccia, Filiberto Bilotti, Alessandro Toscano
In the last years, temporal metamaterials have been exploited as a novel platform for conceiving several electromagnetic and optical devices based on the anomalous scattering response achieved at a single or multiple sudden change of their medium properties, which however is difficult to carry out in a realistic scenario In this letter we investigate on the possibility to emulate the scattering response of a temporal metamaterial without acting on the medium properties, but on the effective refractive index and wave impedance perceived by the wave during the propagation within a guiding structure rather than the actual material, by acting on its boundaries. The work presents in closed form the scattering coefficients achieved when the boundary properties are suddenly modified for inducing an effective temporal interface. In this framework, temporally controlled metasurfaces can be used to implement the proposed concept, giving an easier path also to the design and realization of novel devices at microwave and optical frequencies.


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