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The Benefits and Challenges of Large Scale MV/LV Distribution Network Modelling: A Case Study

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posted on 2022-02-23, 02:53 authored by Laura MehiganLaura Mehigan, Mustafa Alparslan Zehir, Juan CuencaJuan Cuenca, Ibrahim Sengor, Ciaran Geaney, Barry Hayes

Power distribution networks are experiencing large deployment of behind-the-meter distributed generation and storage along with electrified transport and heat, requiring fundamental changes in planning and operation. Synthetic representative networks may not be sufficient to fully address the needs of researchers, operators and decision-makers. There are increasing efforts to directly model large-scale real networks and conduct detailed analysis beyond conventional practices. This paper presents a large-scale medium voltage (MV)-low voltage (LV) integrated network model building, scenario determination and analysis approach for distribution networks. Data with different formats from several databases were used in model building. The model is validated using benchmark scenarios based on historical network measurements from the field. In collaboration with the national distribution system operator in Ireland (ESB Networks), a pilot study was conducted for a rural network in the Southwest of Ireland, highlighting possible challenges and offering suitable solutions for country-scale implementation.



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