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The Generalized Principle of Pattern Multiplication and Its Application to Wide-Angle Scanning Array Based on Phase Mode Antenna

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posted on 2022-06-29, 18:59 authored by Erwei Liu, Junping GengJunping Geng, Kun WANG, Han Zhou, Chaofan Ren, Jingzheng Lu, Silei Yang, Chong He, Xiaonan Zhao, Xianling Liang, Ronghong Jin

The generalized principle of pattern multiplication (GPPM) and its application to wide-angle scanning array are investigated. It includes the generalized element factor (GEF), generalized array factor (GAF), and their beam match condition. The GEF model based on the phase mode currents in an aperture is given. A phase-mode antenna (PMA) with dual ports is designed to realize GEF function in the unit aperture. The prototype of the PMA exhibits a main lobe scanning range of -43.9°  to 43.9°  at 2.4 GHz. A 1-D four-element phased array using the PMA with element spacing 0.7λ based on the GEF and the GPPM is designed to verify GPPM. The array can scan maximum to ±78° in the operating band. Furthermore, an improved compacted phase-mode antenna (ICPMA) is designed, which is capable of lobe steering too. And the linear array with elements spacing 0.4λ using ICPMA is constructed, which can scan maximum to ±76° with the 1st SLL -13.7 dB in experiment. The proposed phased array based on PMA, ICPMA verify the advantages of GPPM, and presents attractive features in future wireless communication and radar system. 




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