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The Generation of Semantics in Natural Language and the Formation of Brain Intelligence

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posted on 2023-08-23, 02:52 authored by Lei TangLei Tang

In nature, the intelligence phenomenon that exists with the matter form was originated from the motion and interaction between a great number of microscopic matters. At the first step of intelligence development, intelligent agent needs being able to represent and recognize various external stimulations. Therefore, after this paper first introducing the characteristics of neuron, we next introduce that human brain is how to represent color and sound stimulations through the radial basis function principle, and for color representation we use a quantitative analysis method to approximately estimate the number of basis color attributes. To object shape representation, it is known that the simple neuron in the primary cortex is able to extract the direction information of a line, and following this we have introduced the concept of line segment directional spectrum that can represent the direction characteristic and bending degree of a line segment, and analogously through the representation principle of the three primary directions as that of the three primary colors in visible spectrum the vision system  also could efficiently represent the characteristic information of a line segment. Specially, we should note that the representation of line segment direction actually belongs to a class of more advanced characteristic representation, the vision system usually first extracts the topology characteristics in shape. In addition, we have emphasized that the semantics in natural language exist in the neural fiber plexus nodes of our brains and have introduced the relationships of shape, semantics and attention mechanism in cognitive behavior. Note that human knowledge is represented through natural language, this paper also elucidates the principle of matter primacy. Through summarizing the evolutionary process of human intelligence, we have found that the subjective initiative of humans in behavior is most important characteristic that distinguishes humans from animals. At the end of this paper, we explain that why the brain consumes less power and the limitations of human intelligence.


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