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The Impact of a Paraelectric layer in the FE/DE Stack on Performance of NCFET

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posted on 2022-01-14, 17:24 authored by Harshit KansalHarshit Kansal, Aditya S Medury
In this letter, through TCAD simulations, we show that the introduction of a thin paraelectric (PE) layer between the ferroelectric (FE) and dielectric (DE) layers in an MFIS structure, expands the design space for the FE layer enabling hysteresis-free and steep subthreshold behavior, even with a thicker FE layer. This can be explained by analyzing the FE-PE stack from a capacitance perspective where the thickness of the PE layer in the FE-PE stack has the effect of reducing the FE layer thickness, while also reducing the remnant polarization. Finally, for the same FE-PE-DE stack, analog performance parameters such as $\frac{g_{m}} g_{ds}}$ and $\frac{g_{m}}{I_{d}}$ are analyzed, showing good characteristics over a wide range of gate lengths, at low drain voltages, thus demonstrating applicability for low power applications.


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