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The KICK-OFF of 6G Research Worldwide: An Overview

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posted on 2021-09-05, 14:36 authored by Wei JiangWei Jiang, Hans Dieter Schotten
The fifth-generation (5G) mobile system is now being deployed across the world and the scale of 5G subscribers is growing quickly in many countries. The attention of academia and industry is increasingly shifting towards the sixth generation (6G) and many pioneering works are being kicked off, indicating an important milestone in the history of 6G. At this juncture, an overview of the current state of the art of 6G research and a vision of future communications are of great interest. This paper thus investigates up-to-date 6G research programs, ambitions, and main viewpoints of representative countries, institutions and companies worldwide. Then, the key technologies are outlined and a vision on ``What 6G may look like?" is provided. This paper aims to serve as an enlightening guideline for interested researchers to quickly get an overview when kicking off their 6G research.


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