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The Relation Among Obesity and Sugar Consumption: A Machine Learning Approach

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posted on 2021-07-21, 03:30 authored by Nobonita Saha, Aninda Mohanta, Jannatun Tuba Jyoti, Tamal Joyti RoyTamal Joyti Roy, Diti Roy
We have collected two data sets. First data set consisted of 45 thousand data and second one 43. One data set consisted of food information , like calorie count, sugar in per 100 gram, fat in per 100 gram and so on. Second data set consisted of Obesity rate among USA people from age 0 to 80. We wanted to show a relation with sugar intake and obesity rate. Last of all our experiment found that ther's a significance evidence that there's a link between obesity and sugar intake . We used the machine learning approach for our experimental analysis.


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