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Things you need to know if you are writing a scientific paper, thesis or report in Engineering or Science

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posted on 2020-08-11, 19:24 authored by Diogo FreitasDiogo Freitas, Fernando Morgado-Dias, Adriana Ribeiro
This paper focuses on the common mistakes made by students at the early stages of research when writing scientific papers, thesis and reports. It points out mistakes to be avoided and the basic rules that can be inferred by reading a few scientific documents but are not usually clearly written and that we, as professors, end up teaching over and over again. The outcome of this paper will be, hopefully, that we will not need to correct the same common mistakes again and you, as a student, will have a faster lane to publishing. Starting with the abstract: it is composed of a single paragraph, does not contain acronyms or references and describes in short the work, main highlights and points out the results or main conclusions obtained from the work being presented. The abstract is an independent part of the paper and commonly has a character or word limit that you need to respect. It can be read as a ``stand-alone'' and the paper starts in the introduction, meaning that the introduction is not the sequence of the abstract and it can have some text in common if needed.


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