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Time-Domain Meshless Method Simulation of Metasurfaces with Generalized Sheet Transition Conditions

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posted on 2022-11-02, 03:06 authored by Sheyda ShamsSheyda Shams, Farzad Mohajeri, Masoud Movahhedi

This paper presents a time-domain formulation of a meshless method based on the generalized sheet transition conditions (GSTCs). This formulation is applicable for modeling a kind of dispersive metasurface and a time-varying metasurface. This is the first time a meshless method is developed for analysis of the metasurfaces using GSTCs. The significance of time-domain meshless methods originates from their capabilities for multi-scale and conformal modeling in addition to analysis of problems in a broad frequency-range. Here, for simplicity, the meshless method formulation is presented for analysis of 1-D problems consisting of metasurfaces which are monoisotropic. The extension of this method to 2-D and 3-D problems and bianisotropic metasurfaces is straightforward. The efficiency of the proposed formulations is verified by numerical examples. 


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