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Towards Electron-Beam-Driven Soft / Polymer Fiber Microrobotics For Vacuum Conditions

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posted on 2022-03-16, 04:30 authored by Oleg GradovOleg Gradov, Margaret GradovaMargaret Gradova, Svetlana N. Kholuiskaya, Irina Maklakova

The possibility of creating vacuum robotics based on the polymer structures irradiated by an electron beam, in particular, polymer fibers, which provide high functional flexibility and a variety of states, is discussed. The possibility of using polymer fibers as different types of MEMS-like electromechanical elements is demonstrated - from elastic cantilevers to springs that change their state under the electron beam. Experimentally proved the presence of different functional types of fibers, correlating with their thickness, as well as the phenomenon of the fiber break. A number of exotic forms of dynamics have been demonstrated and a method for their detection has been developed using 2D Fourier spectra, integral spatial characteristics, time rsolved correlograms and wavelet transforms (visualized as the scaleograms / scalograms). Access barcodes for the full video records of the corresponding experiments are provided.


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