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Towards Imposing Load Shedding Hierarchies based on Tokenised Self Assessed Licenses

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posted on 2020-11-13, 14:31 authored by Almero de VilliersAlmero de Villiers, Paul CuffePaul Cuffe
This piece serves as an exploratory study into the combination of blockchain-aware smart meters and radical economic paradigms. Load shedding is examined through this novel lens. Load shedding is an established means of preventing system collapse under emergency conditions. An auctioned load shedding hierarchy method is proposed whereby participating parties bid on tokens (SALtoks) guaranteeing access to supply during load shedding. This method is based on the recently developed Self Assessed Licenses Sold via Auction paradigm developed. Under this paradigm, SALtoks are subject to taxes based on valuations, while also being subject to continuous auction. A case study is performed on a hypothetical island power system. Higher ranking SALtoks are held by larger consumers. The method is found to mitigate economic impacts by allowing industry to maintain supply during load shedding. Smaller consumers, while subject to more frequent interruptions, gain the public benefit of increased income from taxation.


This publication has been funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland under the SEAI Research, Development & Demonstration Funding Programme 2018, grant number 18/RDD/373.


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