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Towards Job Screening and Personality Traits Estimation From Video Transcriptions

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posted on 2021-06-03, 06:25 authored by Yazid BOUNABYazid BOUNAB, Mourad Oussalah, Nabil Arhab, Salah Eddine BekhoucheSalah Eddine Bekhouche
The paper built on First Impression Challenge from Chalearn V2 Workshop on Explainable Computer Vision Multimedia and Job Candidate Screening Competition CVPR17 by focusing solely on Textual Input in contrast to other Challenge’s participants who considered video or audio modalities. Therefore, the paper aims to develop a new deep learning architecture capable of predicting human personality traits and job interview from the video transcripts. Several feature representations that involve statistical and deep learning have contrasted. Our approach achieved the best score when text modality alone were employed, yielding an average of 89% score in human personality traits and 89.10% value for job interview. The research results will help companies and other organization studying human personality to assess a human personality using a minimum textual resources from the job candidates


Academy of Finland Profi5 DigiHealth project (#326291$)

European Young-sters Resilience through Serious Games under the Internal Security Fund-Police action: 823701-ISFP-2017-AG-RAD grant


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