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Towards a Smart Low Voltage Distribution System: An Indian Experience

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posted on 2021-11-13, 09:10 authored by Ramanuja PanigrahiRamanuja Panigrahi, Santanu Mishra, Suresh C. Srivastava, Prasad EnjetiPrasad Enjeti
Realizing a smart Low Voltage Distribution System (LVDS) is essential to realize a smart grid. Restructuring the existing distribution system into microgrids is one important requirement to achieve a smart LVDS. The realization of microgrids in LVDS can take different shapes in different countries. This article discusses the challenges and practical solutions to realize a smart LVDS for radial distribution grids, which are common in India. The network following a distribution transformer can be distinguished as a microgrid for radial low voltage distribution grids. However, this leads to many operational issues. Therefore, this article envisions replacing the Low Voltage distribution transformers with Solid-State Transformers (SSTs). This will enable the LVDS to control the power exchange between the phases within a microgrid as well as power exchange between different microgrids. The architectural design of a smart home in smart LVDS is outlined to complete the discussion. Various unique features required for smart inverters in a smart home and existing grid codes to make them compatible with smart LVDS are also reviewed.


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