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Transfer Learning for Tabular Data

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posted on 2021-11-13, 05:04 authored by Leonid JoffeLeonid Joffe
Deep learning models for tabular data are restricted to a specific table format. Computer vision models, on the other hand, have a broader applicability; they work on all images and can learn universal features. This allows them to be trained on enormous corpora and have very wide transferability and applicability. Inspired by these properties, this work presents an architecture that aims to capture useful patterns across arbitrary tables. The model is trained on randomly sampled subsets of features from a table, processed by a convolutional network. This internal representation captures feature interactions that appear in the table. Experimental results show that the embeddings produced by this model are useful and transferable across many commonly used machine learning benchmarks datasets. Specifically, that using the embeddings produced by the network as additional features, improves the performance of a number of classifiers.


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