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Securing Cross-Chain Asset Transfers on Permissioned Blockchains

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posted on 2022-06-06, 14:24 authored by Catarina Pedreira, Rafael BelchiorRafael Belchior, Miguel Matos, André Vasconcelos

Blockchains currently exist in silos, competing when they could be cooperating. Interoperability is essential to allow for communication between them and motivate mass adoption. In permissioned blockchains, interoperability is harder given their opaqueness. The solutions proposed so far to address interoperability require a trusted private third party, which may be insecure and is not ideal. We propose T-ODAP, a secure multi-layered protocol that enables a trustless solution for permissioned blockchain interoperability, eliminating the need for trust in the protocol's participants. It provides a Decentralized View Storage, a connector that connects permissioned blockchains to the latter, and a trustless version of the ODAP protocol. T-ODAP models the participants as rational agents using game theory techniques and is implemented using \textit{Polkadot} and \textit{Hyperledger Cactus}. We tested the implemented solution, evaluated the system's robustness in face of attacks, and concluded that the system is \textit{(k,t)-weak-robust}.


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