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Unifying Models for Multiphase Coupled Inductors

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posted on 18.06.2020 by Minjie Chen
This paper presents a unified model for multiphase
coupled inductors. By summarizing and comparing three
different ways of modeling multiphase coupled inductors, including a) an inductance matrix model derived based on self and mutual inductances; b) a multiwinding transformer model derived based on magnetizing and leakage inductances; and c) an inductance dual model derived based on the inverse of the magnetic reluctances. Critical modeling principles and design insights are reviewed, summarized, and compared. The design equations linking the three models are clarified and correlated. The analysis and comparison are rigorously verified through theoretical
verifications and SPICE simulations. The three different
models represent identical magnetic coupling relationships in the multiphase coupled inductors, but reveal different fundamental principles and offer distinct design insights.


National Science Foundation Award #1847365.


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