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User Association, Power Control and Channel Access Schemes for Two-Tier Macro-Femto Networks: CDF of SINR Analysis

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posted on 2021-02-08, 17:48 authored by Joydev GhoshJoydev Ghosh
In the rapid development of wireless communications Femtocells provide tremendous improvement in coverage and quality of service for users. Macro-Femto based networks are envisioned to be the de-facto solution for providing ultrahigh speed communications in next generation mobile wireless networks. This paper studies two-tier Macro-Femto networks and proposes a collection of novel technologies to address the interference problems. First, a novel user association scheme is proposed that aims to optimize the load among Femto base stations (FBSs). Second, a near-optimal ergodic search algorithm is proposed to regulate the power consumption at Macro base stations (MBSs) and improve energy efficiency. Third, a channel access mechanism is proposed for FBSs that aims to minimize inter-tier interference. For the proposed system, CDF of SINR is derived and used for performance investigation. Simulation results show that the proposed system can significantly outperform a popular, conventional cognitive radio based system for all the considered simulation scenarios.


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