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Variable-Temperature Broadband Noise Characterization of MOSFETs for Cryogenic Electronics: From Room Temperature down to 3 K

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posted on 2022-12-24, 05:57 authored by Kenji OhmoriKenji Ohmori, Shuhei AmakawaShuhei Amakawa

A broadband noise measurement system is newly developed and demonstrated at temperatures between 3 K and 300 K. Using the system, wideband noise spectroscopy (WBNS) from 20 kHz to 500 MHz is carried out for the first time, revealing that shot noise is the dominant white noise down to 3 K. The paper also suggests, by means of WBNS, the possibility of extracting the baseline noise characteristics, which do not include the noise component that varies a great deal from device to device. 


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