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Variable-Temperature Noise Characterization of N-MOSFETs Using an In-Situ Broadband Amplifier

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posted on 2021-09-21, 20:36 authored by Kenji OhmoriKenji Ohmori, Shuhei Amakawa
Characterization of broadband noise of MOSFETs from room temperature down to 120 K in fine temperature steps is presented. A MOSFET is mounted on a reusable printed circuit board vehicle with a built-in low-noise amplifier, and the vehicle is loaded into a cryogenic chamber. The vehicle allows noise measurement in the frequency range from 50 kHz to 100 MHz. At low frequencies, it enables extraction of activation energies associated with electron trapping sites. At high frequencies, as has been suggested by noise figure measurements, the white noise of MOSFETs is shown to be dominated by the shot noise, which has much weaker temperature dependence than the thermal noise. The shot noise will be a problematic noise source in broadband RF CMOS circuits operating at cryogenic temperatures.


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