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Visual Parameter Space Analysis for Optimizing the Quality of Industrial Nonwovens

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posted on 2021-09-30, 15:37 authored by Viny Saajan VictorViny Saajan Victor, Andre Schmeisser, Heike Leitte, Simone Gramsch
The quality of the technical textiles, in particular nonwovens, depends on the process parameters involved in producing them. It is not practical to investigate the effect of these parameters in real-time. Hence, a digital twin has been developed to analyze nonwoven production processes. The quality of the virtually produced nonwovens from the digital twin is then analyzed and mapped back to the process parameters. Different visualization techniques can be incorporated to guide engineers in finding optimal combinations of these process parameters for obtaining the desired product quality. This would eliminate the traditional trial and error strategies and reduce the domain expertise required in such an analysis. In this paper, we present a visual analytic tool that aids the engineer in analyzing and optimizing the quality of the nonwovens, thereby helping to make beneficial decisions in the industrial production process.


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