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Voltage controlled magnetic components for power electronics –technologies and applications: an overview

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posted on 2023-05-11, 02:55 authored by Yoann PascalYoann Pascal, Marco Liserre, Rainer Adelung, Soeren Kaps, Thiago Pereira, Nian Sun, Jeffrey McCord, Lukas Zimoch

Voltage controlled magnetic components, which consist in dynamically controllable inductances and transformers, are a promising yet understudied technology of growing interest. In fact, these components offer circuit designers an additional degree of freedom to achieve multi-objective optimization with improved Pareto fronts. This article provides a review of some technologies that can be used to create controlled magnetics, including emerging technologies with high potential. Furthermore, a list of possible applications is proposed, where these components can provide a significant advantage in terms of efficiency, size reduction, or controllability. Special emphasis is laid on a use case: a 20 kW multiport DC/DC converter in which power flow control is achieved using voltage-controlled inductors based on partially saturable magnetic cores.


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