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Waveguide-Floquet Mapping Based on Surface Susceptibilities for Metasurface Unit Cell Characterization

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posted on 2023-04-05, 20:37 authored by Debidas Kundu, Mohamed K Emara, Leandro M. Rufail, Shulabh GuptaShulabh Gupta

A simple method is proposed to characterize metasurface unit cells using rectangular waveguide. The method maps the S-parameters obtained using a dominant-mode waveguide to the S-parameters of fundamental Floquet mode for a plane wave incident at any desired angle. The mapping between the dominant waveguide mode and the fundamental Floquet mode is executed by extracting the equivalent surface susceptibilities of the metasurface unit cell. The results obtained from the proposed method show good agreement with the full-wave simulation results of the metasurface unit cell.


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