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Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Contact Tracing Without User Intervention

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posted on 2022-03-28, 06:33 authored by Brosnan YuenBrosnan Yuen, Yifeng Bie, Duncan Cairns, Geoffrey Harper, Jason Xu, Charles Chang, Xiaodai Dong, Tao Lu
A custom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth contact tracing system is created to find detailed paths of infected individuals without any user intervention. The system tracks smartphones, but it does not require smartphone applications, connecting to the routers, or any other extraneous devices on the users. A custom Turtlebot3 is used for site surveying, where it simulates mobile device movement and packet transmission. Transmit power, receive power, and round trip time are collected by a custom ESP32C3 router. MAC randomization is defeated to identify unique smartphones. Subsequently, the wireless parameters above are converted to signal path loss and time of flight. Bidirectional long short term memory takes the wireless parameters and predicts the detailed paths of the users within 1 m. Public health authorities can use the contact tracing website to find the detailed paths of the suspected cases using the smartphone models and initial positions of confirm cases. The system can also track indirect contact transmissions originating from surfaces and droplets due to having absolute positions of users.


NSERC Discovery (Grant No. RGPIN-2020-05938)

NSERC Grant 520198

Fortinet Research under Contract 05484

NVidia under GPU Grant program


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