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Wideband Gap-Waveguide Phase Shifter Based on a Glide-Symmetric Ridge

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posted on 2021-12-08, 19:45 authored by Ángel Palomares-CaballeroÁngel Palomares-Caballero, Carlos Megías, Carlos Molero, Antonio Alex-Amor, Pablo Padilla
This paper presents a gap-waveguide phase shifter based on ridged unit cell with glide-symmetric configuration. The proposed unit cell design provides higher phase shift compared with a conventional ridged unit cell whose ridge height and waveguide width are tuned to achieve a stable phase shift. Through the insertion of glide-symmetric holes with semi-circle base in the ridged waveguide, a stable phase shift in a wide frequency range is achieved. Depending on the radii of the holes, the stable phase shift can be covered the desired frequency range. A 90o phase shifter in millimeter-wave range is designed in order to validate the analysis. The impedance bandwidth of the phase shifter is from 32 GHz to 42.5 GHz (28.18%) providing a phase shift of 90o+- 2o in the entire frequency range.


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