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Wital: Contactless Real-time Vital Signs Monitoring System Using COTS WiFi Devices

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posted on 2021-06-29, 19:36 authored by Yu Gu, Xiang ZhangXiang Zhang, Huan Yan, Zhi LiuZhi Liu, Fuji Ren
High-quality sleep is essential to our daily lives, and real-time monitoring of vital signs during sleep is beneficial. Current sleep monitoring solutions are mostly based on wearable sensors or cameras, the former is worse for sleep quality, the latter is worse for privacy, dissimilar to such methods, we implement our sleep monitoring system based on COTS WiFi devices. There are two challenges need to be overcome in the system implementation process: First, the torso deformation caused by breathing/heartbeat is weak, how to effectively capture this deformation? Second, movements such as turning over will affect the accuracy of vital signs monitoring, how to quickly distinguish such movements? For the former, we propose a motion detection capability enhancement method based on Rice-K theory and Fresnel theory. For the latter, we propose a sleep motion positioning algorithm based on regularity detection. The experimental results indicated the performance of our method.


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