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Zero Trust Context-Aware Access Control Framework for IoT Devices in Healthcare Cloud AI Ecosystem

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posted on 2023-07-24, 21:34 authored by Khalid Al-hammuriKhalid Al-hammuri, Fayez Gebali, Awos Kanan, Mohammad Mamun, Seyed Mehdi Hazratifar, Hamza Alfar

Abstract :

It is essential for modern healthcare systems to utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) devices that facilitate and establish the infrastructure for smart hospitals and telehealth. The advancement in telehealth technology and the increasing penetration of IoT devices make them vulnerable to different types of attacks, which require additional research and development for security tools. This article proposes a  zero trust context-aware framework to manage the  access of the main components in the cloud ecosystem, the users, IoT devices and output data. The framework also considers  regulatory compliance  and maintains the chain of trust by proposing a critical and bond trust scoring assessment that is based on a set of features and cloud-native micro-services, including authentication, encryption, logging, authorizations and machine learning like the word2vec model within Cloud AI ecosystem. 


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