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β-Ga2O3Lateral High-Permittivity Dielectric Superjunction Schottky Barrier Diode With 1.34 GW/cm2Power Figure of Merit

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posted on 2022-11-23, 22:32 authored by Saurav RoySaurav Roy

A novel lateral β-Ga2O3 schottky diode with high permittivity dielectric superjuction technique which circumvents the lack of p-type dopants in β-Ga2O3 for high voltage applications is demonstrated. The lateral drift region was depleted from the sides in reverse bias using dielectric polarization which helps support higher electric field in the drift layer compared to conventional schottky diode. The use of such a novel dielectric superjunction structure also allows to have higher doping in the drift layer without degrading the breakdown which results in low on resistance . A dielectric superjunction schottky barrier diode with a specific on resistance of 1.65 mΩ-cm2 and a breakdown voltage of 1487 V resulting in a power figure of merit of 1.35 GW/cm2 is demonstrated.


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