Aaron Brovont


  • Optimizing Air-Core Permanent-Magnet-Based Energy Harvest in Free-Rotating Devices
  • Derivation and Application of Equivalent Circuits to Model Common-Mode Current in Microgrids
  • Generalized Differential-Common-Mode Decomposition for Modeling Conducted Emissions in Asymmetric Power Electronic Systems
  • Modeling air-core permanent-magnet linear generators in free-rotating devices
  • Exploring the boundary element method for optimization-based machine design
  • Common-mode/differential-mode interactions in asymmetric converter structures
  • Impact of switching frequency and edge rates on common-mode current in MVDC microgrids
  • Analytical Evaluation of 2-D Flux Integral for Magnetostatic Galerkin Method of Moments
  • Part I: Modeling CM behavior in power electronic systems: Modeling, measurement, and management of conducted EMI and common-mode behavior in shipboard power systems
  • Equivalent circuits for common-mode analysis of naval power systems
  • Methodology for Characterization of Common-Mode Conducted Electromagnetic Emissions in Wide-Bandgap Converters for Ungrounded Shipboard Applications
  • Analysis and Cancellation of Leakage Current Through Power Module Baseplate Capacitance
  • Modeling and Validation of Common-Mode Emissions in Wide Bandgap-Based Converter Structures
  • Magnetic Design for Three-Phase Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer with Constant Output Power
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Filter Inductor Topology on Common-Mode Conducted Emissions for the Boost Converter
  • Magnetic Design for Three-Phase Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer With Constant Output Power

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