Carlo Schmitt


  • Design premises for local energy markets
  • Integrated planning and evaluation of multi-modal energy systems for decarbonization of Germany
  • Modeling framework for planning and operation of multi-modal energy systems in the case of Germany
  • Engaging Prosumers in Local Energy Market Business Models
  • The PEBBLES project – enabling blockchain based transactive energy trading of energy & flexibility within a regional market
  • Extended Benders Decomposition for CVaR-constrained unit commitment decisions in pan-European energy system models considering feed-in uncertainties
  • Dispatch of reactive power compensators in transmission grids
  • Impact of Spot Market Interfaces on Local Energy Market Trading
  • Bottom-up Modeling of Local Energy Markets within a Pan-European Wholesale Electricity Market Model
  • Pan-European CVaR-Constrained Stochastic Unit Commitment in Day-Ahead and Intraday Electricity Markets
  • Impact of Electricity Taxation in Germany on the Electricity Wholesale Market
  • A Linear Programing Formulation of Time-Coupled Flexibility Market Bids by Storage Systems
  • Bottom-up Modeling of Local Energy Markets within a Pan-European Wholesale Electricity Market Model
  • Integration of Flexible Distributed Energy Resource Models into a Market Coupling-based Lagrangian Relaxation of the pan-European Electricity Market
  • Framework for Deterministic Assessment of Risk-Averse Participation in Local Flexibility Markets †
  • Synergistic approach of multi-energy models for a European optimal energy system management tool
  • plan4res D2.2 - Case Study 1 Report - Multimodal energy concept for achieving Europe's carbon reduction goals
  • How will Local Energy Markets influence the pan-European Day-ahead Market and Transmission Systems? A Case Study for Local Markets in France and Germany
  • How will local energy markets influence the pan-European day-ahead market and transmission systems? A case study for local markets in France and Germany
  • How Dependent Are European Power Systems and Economies on Natural Gas?—A Macroeconomic Optimization for Security of Electricity Supply
  • Local Energy Market Designs to Relieve the Transmission Grid
  • Lagrangian Relaxation of Large-scale Congestion Management using Extended Subgradient Methods
  • Abschlussbericht zum Projekt magicaL: Markt- und Netzintegration von zentralen und lokalen Märkten
  • More than accuracy: end-to-end wind power forecasting that optimises the energy system

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