Dariel Pereira-Ruisánchez


  • Diseño e Implementación de Algoritmos de Sincronismo para DTMB
  • Emulation of a Dynamic Broadcasting Network with Adaptive Radiated Power in a Real Scenario
  • Bit-Level Capacity analysis on Non-Uniform Constellations
  • Análisis del comportamiento de la ganancia SFN para DTMB
  • Estudio de la interferencia mutua en SFN para DTMB
  • Three-stages concatenated Machine Learning model for SFN prediction
  • Prediction of Signal Quality and SFN Interference Metrics Using Machine Learning Models
  • A Deep Learning-Based Strategy to Predict Self-Interference in SFN DTT
  • From MFN to SFN: Performance Prediction Through Machine Learning
  • Deep Contextual Bandit and Reinforcement Learning for IRS-assisted MU-MIMO Systems
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Radio Access Selection over Future Wireless Networks
  • Joint Optimization of IRS-assisted MU-MIMO Communication Systems through a DRL-based Twin Delayed DDPG Approach
  • Deep Contextual Bandit and Reinforcement Learning for IRS-Assisted MU-MIMO Systems
  • DRL-Based Sequential Scheduling for IRS-Assisted MIMO Communications

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