Deep Bhattacharjee

Researcher: Theoretical Physics (Aerospace; Fields, Waves and Electromagnetics; Computing and Processing)



  • Existence of magnetic monopoles in higher dimensions is analogous to unipolar gravity
  • Large extra dimensional limit of gravity subject to proton decay
  • Principle for the “Proximity of Albatross”
  • The Psychoanalysis of Sleep-Paralysis – Perspectives on Oneirology
  • Synthesizing gravity from magnetic monopole backreactions on D(p)-7 Branes (6D Calabi-Yau Manifolds + 1D Complex Singularity) after torus degeneration at the compactified finite end of Calabi-Yau manifolds thereby solving the ‘Hierarchy Problem’ in particle physics
  • Solutions of Kerr Black Holes subject to Naked Singularity and Wormholes
  • A solution to the possible increment in velocity than that of light
  • Split Second Intersection
  • A solution to the ‘negative energy’ of the universe
  • An Insight into the global ‘spreading’ of a disease amid an epidemic with ‘mutation’ and ‘prevention’ parameters
  • Recreation Algorithm: Teleportation
  • Extremal Kerr Black Holes, Naked Singularity & Wormholes
  • The Mandela effect, Déjà vu and possible interactions with the parallel world
  • Perturbative norm for associated spreading of diseases
  • Path Tracing Photons Oscillating Through Alternate Universes Inside a Black Hole
  • Positive Energy Driven CTCs In ADM 3+1 Space – Time of Unprotected Chronology
  • Deciphering Black Hole Spin, Inclination angle & Charge From Kerr Shadow
  • The Clampdown Effect: On The Expulsion of Super-Intelligence
  • The Gateway to Parallel Universe & Connected Physics
  • Computing the temporal intervals by making a Throne-Morris wormhole from a Kerr black hole in the context of f(R,T) gravity
  • In quest of higher dimensions – Superstring Theory and the Calabi – Yau manifolds
  • In quest of higher dimensions – Superstring Theory and the Calabi – Yau manifolds
  • 17 Essays On Modern Physics: From Sonoluminescence To Superconductivity
  • Tendency of mass people to misunderstand (intentionally or not) the agony of the psychiatric patient and tormenting them as a subject of mockery with an emphasize on somatic-symptom disorder
  • Strange Physics: Time -Travel From The Backyard Of Your Own Garden Together With Chronology Protection & Closed Time-Like Curves Pre-Existing In the Domain Wall Boundary By Means of Generating A 5-Dimensional Space Through Rotating Frames Of Reference In A Unique Way As To Emphasize Fictions

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