Dr. Bharat Dhiman is an innovative and inquisitive individual with 10+years of experience in Academics, Media industry, and Creative art. He has been awarded meritorious PDF (Post-Doctoral Fellowship) by the Indian Council of Social Science Research 2021-22. He has also qualified UGC-NET in Journalism and Mass communication, NFOBC fellow, and World record holder. He has associated with Television, Newspaper, Theatre, and Social and community groups. He has participated in many media workshops, seminars, conferences, and faculty development programs. He has won various international, national, and state-level competitions. He is the author of Six books in his credit “Drone Journalism: Bird’s Eye View of Storytelling”, “Visualization and Storytelling: The New Art and Techniques”, “Paparazzi and Celebrity Journalism”, “Mobile Journalism (MOJO): Current Trends and Challenges”, Citizen Journalism: Skills and Practices, and Speech, Voice and Imagination for Acting and many research papers,

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