Technology Researcher, Developer and Trainer (Computing and Processing; Communication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies)


A seasoned researcher in data security and privacy; experienced digital security trainer, and cloud applications developer. I have vast knowledge and technical skills in encryption techniques, data analysis, applications development, data mining, and storage among others. I am enthusiastic about new and emerging technologies in computer science with a keen interest in research on cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and DLT, Software Engineering among others. I have facilitated numerous digital security and privacy training and undertaken digital risk assessments in over seven African countries (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Somalia + Somaliland). Blog | Website | YouTube | Others


  • KAGAI, FRANCIS (2019): Adapting Agile DevOps for Strategic Information Systems Development: The Future of IS Development Methodologies. TechRxiv. Preprint.
  • ICT Infrastructure for Campus Big Data: Network, Storage and Security Design and Implementation:
  • NoSQL Databases for Big Data Management: Review and Application in Mobile Commerce:
  • Technology Blog Posts:

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