Himanshu Sharma

Research Scholar (Computing and Processing)


Research Scholar in Central University of Jammu, India. Currently working on the development of domain-specific Image Captioning Ffameworks.


  • D-KAP: A Deep Learning-based Kashmiri Apple Plant Disease Prediction Framework
  • A comprehensive survey on image captioning: from handcrafted to deep learning-based techniques, a taxonomy and open research issues
  • A Survey on Attention-Based Image Captioning: Taxonomy, Challenges, and Future Perspectives
  • Exploring Data-Driven Approaches forĀ Apple Disease Prediction Systems
  • VarietyQuest: Data-Driven Exploration of Apple Fruit Variety Classification Frameworks
  • Machine Learning in Cardiology: a Survey of Early Detection Models for Heart Diseases
  • From Templates to Transformers: A survey of Multimodal Image Captioning Decoders

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