Hussain Nyeem received the BSc degree in electronics and communication engineering (ECE) from the Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), Bangladesh in 2007 and the PhD degree in electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) from the Queens- land University of Technology (QUT), Australia, in 2014 with distinction and nomination for the QUT best Ph.D. thesis award. Dr. Nyeem is an Associate Professor at the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Bangladesh. Before moving to MIST in 2015, he held positions of Assistant Professor and Lecturer at KUET, Bangladesh; Sessional Academic and Doctoral Research Fellow at QUT, Australia; Guest Lecturer at Khulna University and Bangladesh University of Professionals; and Exchange Research Scholar at the University of Fukui, Japan in his thirteen years of profession.


  • Digital image watermarking: its formal model, fundamental properties and possible attacks
  • Utilizing least significant bit-planes of RONI pixels for medical image watermarking
  • Counterfeiting attacks on block-wise dependent fragile watermarking schemes
  • Watermarking capacity control for dynamic payload embedding
  • Developing a block-wise interpolation based adaptive data embedding scheme
  • Developing a digital image watermarking model
  • RONI segmentation for medical image watermarking
  • On the robustness and security of digital image watermarking
  • A Review of Medical Image Watermarking Requirements for Teleradiology
  • Efficient and Lossless Hiding of Electronic Patient Records in Medical Images
  • A simplified parabolic interpolation based reversible data hiding scheme
  • Content-independent embedding scheme for multi-modal medical image watermarking
  • Reversible data hiding with image bit-plane slicing
  • Developing a pixel value ordering based reversible data hiding scheme
  • Reversible data hiding with interpolation and adaptive embedding
  • Modelling attacks on self-authentication watermarking
  • Efficient Data Embedding for Interpolation based Reversible Data Hiding Scheme
  • A New Reversible Data Hiding Scheme with Pixel-to-Block Mapping
  • Developing Reversible Data Hiding with Interpolation and Local Dispersion
  • An Improved Interpolation based Reversible Data Hiding for Medical Images
  • High capacity reversible data hiding with interpolation and adaptive embedding
  • Image Quality Enhancement with 2k-bit Correction in Pixel Repetition Embedding
  • Pixel Grouping of Digital Images for Reversible Data Hiding
  • Embedding with pixel repetition for reversible data hiding
  • A New Weighted Relative Entropy Pre-Fitting for Active Contour based Image Segmentation
  • Relative Entropy Pre-Fitting Model for Noisy and Intensity Inhomogeneous Image Segmentation
  • A New Pixel to Block Mapping for Efficient and High Fidelity Data Hiding
  • Image Quality Enhancement with 2k-bit Correction in Pixel Repetition Embedding

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