Jihyeon Yoon

Korean Medicine Doctor (Doctor of Traditional Korean Medicine, also Freelancer Programmer) (Computing and Processing; General Topics for Engineers)




  • Evaluation of Reliability and Validity for Deficiency and Excess Pattern Identification Questionnaire
  • 증상 정도, 기간, 불편정도 및 회복력 기반 미병 설문지의 신뢰도 및 구성 타당도 평가
  • General Specification for Simulating Universe
  • Intuitive Understanding of Observing Reality: With Extension of the Game Theory
  • Understanding of P vs NP Problem: With Extension of the Continuum Hypothesis
  • Economic Model Concepts for Growth, Happiness, Human Rights, Religion and Decision of Death
  • Nuclear Fusion Framework for Simulating Universe
  • Understanding Foundation of Neural Network: Reasoning-based Approach
  • Pilot Model for Fusion Power Ignition by Federating Acceleration Method
  • Expanding Wormhole Simulation with Majonara Particle
  • Understanding Fermat's Last Theorem through Matrix-Graph Relation
  • Intuitive understanding on why Attention component works: reasoning-based approach
  • Continuous Controlling Vacuum in Accelerator
  • Interpretation idea of dynamical topological phase in concept of ordinal
  • Understanding Riemann Hypothesis by Matrix-Graph Relation
  • Descriptive Method in Spatiotemporal Simulation Observation
  • Extending Implications of Ambient-Latent Space Approach with Lagrange Multiplier Method
  • Application of Seebeck and Peltier Effect in Radiological Imaging
  • Welfare for all
  • Descriptive Method in Observation and Its Application
  • Descriptive Method in Observation and Its Application
  • Intuitive Understanding of P-NP Problem: With Extension of the Continuum Hypothesis And Halting Problem
  • Expanding Wormhole Simulation with Majorana Particle
  • Generalized Prime Sequence Conjecture with Application
  • Multidimensional magnetism model using CPT attributes
  • Generalized Prime Number Sequence With Proof
  • Prime Number Sequence Within Even Numbers
  • About The Number of Twin Prime
  • Understanding Collatz conjecture
  • Fundamental Mathematical Analysis of Transaction-based Law and Economics
  • Understanding Poincaré theorem
  • Basic Axiomatic Particle with CPT conservation
  • Understanding Poincaré theorem with Counterexample

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