Jinwoo Kim

Assistant Professor

South Korea

I am currently an assistant professor of School of Software at Kwangwoon University since March 2022. Before joining here, I obtained my Ph.D. in School of Electrical Engineering and master degree in Graduate School of Information Security from KAIST (Advisor: Prof. Seungwon Shin). I received my B.S from Chungnam National University. My research interests broadly include cloud and network systems security, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), eBPF/XDP, and programmable data-plane.


  • A comprehensive security assessment framework for software-defined networks
  • GapFinder: Finding Inconsistency of Security Information from Unstructured Text
  • AudiSDN: Automated Detection of Network Policy Inconsistencies in Software-Defined Networks
  • A Framework for Policy Inconsistency Detection in Software-Defined Networks
  • BottleNet: Hiding Network Bottlenecks Using SDN-Based Topology Deception
  • Athena: A Framework for Scalable Anomaly Detection in Software-Defined Networks
  • EqualNet: a Secure and Practical Defense for Long-term Network Topology Obfuscation
  • Heimdallr: Fingerprinting SD-WAN Control-Plane Architecture via Encrypted Control Traffic
  • Extended data plane architecture for in-network security services in software-defined networks

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